This is my Spiritual Diary I am trying to share with anyone who cares to browse through. My sojourn in this world started on 29 April 1956 and I discovered my final destination in the year 1971. That was when I willingly took Jesus as my own Savior, Master and God. Ever since my journey has taken a definite course. My destination is beyond this life. This world is not my home. I am just passing through here. Of course, there are hills and valleys, summers and winters, sunshine and shadow, yet, the course has not changed. There are times when I long to reach home. But I have to finish the course and keep at it till the end. The Bible is my compass and guide book. I travel along with so many others who are headed in the same direction. What a comfort it is to know that my Savior has been by my side all these weary miles I have trod. I have His promise that He will travel with me, as I travel with Him, till we reach home.

These notes are precious lessons I am learning along the way. If you find something profitable in these pages, my efforts have become fruitful. Thank you for browsing through. But before you leave, please make sure that you know where you are heading to. If not, take Jesus to be your Savior, Master and Guide. You will never go wrong!

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