Today’s young generation defines success as the capacity to have a luxurious indulgent lifestyle. They don’t mind taking any route to achieve this goal. But many end up frustrated and addicted to unhealthy habits.

Success is not reaching the top of the ladder, nor is it having a flamboyant lifestyle. It is not measured in terms of money or material wealth. Success is the satisfaction of having done a job well, doing it to the best of your ability utilising all permissible resources available, which translates into contentment within and happiness among the people you serve. Most often this brings material rewards too.

Habits are made by the choices we make repeatedly. The choice is always ours. We ourselves, and nobody else, is responsible for the choices we make. Peer pressure, social status, identity crisis, physical problems, etc. are all lame excuses used to avoid making the right choice.

Quite often we make choices to please others and not for our satisfaction. We get over-concerned about what others may think about us. When a choice is made under such pressure and in a hurry, we seldom think whether it is the right one or not. Success eludes us at these moments.

There are times when we may need help in identifying the right choice. Our parents and elders with wider experience in life can come to our aid. However, in times like these the Creator God Himself has promised to help provided we are willing to take His counsel.

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