Dare not be stumbling blocks!

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Mt. 18:1-14)

Principle of Humility
The principles of God’s kingdom are radically different from all of the worldly principles. People of the world are so pre-occupied with the thought of being great and powerful. Everyone wants to be great or close to the one who is great. However, the values of the Kingdom of God are diametrically opposite to this. Humility is the mark of greatness in God’s economy. Those who volunteer to be humble in the presence of God and in the midst of people will rank better in heaven.

Strength in Weakness
It is the simple principle of allowing God to have His way in your life. Let God direct your entire being. Let the power of God be demonstrated in and through you as you walk in total submission to His will. As apostle Paul says, when we are weak God’s power is revealed in us. In other words, unless we acknowledge our weakness and helplessness in working for His kingdom, His power will not be available to us. When His power comes to our aid we will do great things for Him.

Key to the Kingdom
Jesus made it clear to His disciples that one needs child like humility to accept His offer of salvation which depends purely on His merit and not on the merits of the recipient. It requires humility to accept one’s sinful, lost condition and his/her need for the Savior.

Causing others to stumble
Jesus warned those who mislead innocent people or cause others to sin with serious consequence. They will be inviting God’s wrath up on themselves. We should literally get rid of things in our lives that may cause others to stumble and sin.

God’s love for the erring child
Every child is precious to the Father. When one sins and grieves Him, the Father seeks to restore that one. There is greater joy in the family at the return of a wayward child. God desires that no one should be lost

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