The Sovereign Ruler

 I have come to let you know what the LORD is going to do. About midnight he will go through the land of Egypt, 5and wherever he goes, the first-born son in every family will die. Your own son will die, and so will the son of the lowest slave woman. Even the first-born males of cattle will die.6Everywhere in Egypt there will be loud crying. Nothing like this has ever happened before or will ever happen again. (Exo.11 CEV)

The Lord spoke to Moses and told him to go to the Pharaoh and warn him about the plagues. But the king was stubborn and refused to let the
Israelites go. He was like god to his people and was unwilling to submit to the authority of God. Through the plagues that came up on the Egyptians and the sparing of the Israelites God was trying to prove to the former that He is the sovereign ruler and to the latter that it was He who delivered them from slavery with His mighty hand.

We need this reminder everyday that God is the sovereign LORD of all and that we are delivered from our bondage to sin by the mighty act of
God, by the death of His first born Son on the cross that allowed His only begotten Son to be our substitute.

Reply to the killing of Israelite male babies ordered by the Pharaoh when Moses was born.

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