Apostles, Messengers and Workers

Now go, but remember, I am sending you like lambs into a pack of wolves. Don’t take along a moneybag or a traveling bag or sandals. And don’t waste time greeting people on the road. As soon as you enter a home, say, “God bless this home with peace.” If the people living there are peace-loving, your prayer for peace will bless them. But if they are not peace-loving, your prayer will return to you. (Luke 10:3-6 CEV)

These days, Christian ministers and workers are competing to establish their influence and popularity among the masses. The Largest church in town, the fastest growing church, and what not. They enrich their people so much that they are spiritually obese and become so cult-like, almost worshiping their leader. They become so closed to the people of the world. There are some who take up on themselves big titles, like Apostle, Patriarch, Bishop, and so on, to show their superiority. But Jesus tells us to forget about ourselves and labor for His kingdom.

Pray for Workers, but you too go

Jesus before commissioning His disciples told them to pray for more laborers to do the harvesting. There is always a scarcity of laborers in His field. The Lord of the harvest has to commission more laborers into His field before the crops are lost. Then He sends us to do our part. Because the harvest is too large for a few churches or denominations or organizations can handle.

Don’t worry about your needs or future

He tells specifically not to carry any money, personal goods or items of comfort when you are out in the field. This is a little difficult for us to digest, but the principle is that God will take care of you and your needs. ‘Seek first His kingdom…and all these things will be given’ is the promise of the Master. But how often we try to secure our own position and our future forgetting the fact that it is He who holds our lives and our future?

He has made it pretty clear that He is sending us like sheep into a pack of wolves. And yet tells us we need not be concerned about our maintenance or safety, because He will take care of that.

Announce God’s peace, proclaim God’s kingdom

Don’t waste time on they way greeting and entertaining others but go straight into your business. Announce God’s peace up on the family and people you meet and tell them about the kingdom that is so near so that they can enter in. As you give the message, heal their sick and exhibit the love, compassion and the power of the King who sent you. You are the messengers of God’s peace. God’s peace will rest on those who welcome it and will leave those who reject it.

Accept hospitality

Wherever you are welcomed, minister to the people there, accept their hospitality. The worker deserves his wages. God provides through His people who are willing to share.

In doing the ministry we are workers and servants of the King, carrying the message of the kingdom and sent out with the King’s authority. The least among us will be the greatest in the kingdom.

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