People-pleaser or God-pleaser

Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ. (Gal.1:10)

Right from the first century itself the Church had to face false teachers and preachers who were people-pleasers. They were selfish power mongers who lusted after worldly glory and fame. They did damage not only to themselves but also to a whole lot of well-meaning, careless believers. Since they had not been given the whole Word of God which they could study themselves they were very vulnerable. Yet, the book of Acts credits the believers in Berea for their diligence in going back to the Scriptures and verifying the teachings they received. But the Galatian Christians were easily and quickly influenced by the wrong teachings that apostle Paul was in a state of shock when he wrote them the letter.

People-pleasers can not be God-pleasers

Paul makes it clear from his own life that those who are led by the flesh will adapt the message to suit their circumstances. They will quote the Bible to justify their misdoings. They would be popular among the masses because their messages are pleasing to them. But those who stick to the truth will not be popular and they won’t be hailed or honored because truth often hurts. Gospel truth would pierce through man’s self righteousness and ego. Paul reiterated that he, in all his ministry, never tried to please people but always remained faithful to God who appointed him as His servant. It is usually the ones that are unsure of their calling that would dilute the Gospel. They are doing the ministry because they were forced by their parents’ oath, or because it is a respectable profession, or because it is an easy way to make a luxurious living. Some of them make big money in the name of God and religion. God has not called them to serve because they have no relationship with God. Paul emphatically puts it in Gal.1:10 that those who try to please people can not be true servants of Christ. In other words, they serve the enemy and are working against God’s kingdom and His purposes.

People-pleasers invite God’s curse

There is only one Gospel. The eternal message of the Gospel is that salvation is a free gift of grace from God through faith in Jesus Christ as the only Savior. Saying ‘faith plus something’ is not the Gospel but heresy. Saying salvation is universal by default which doesn’t require faith in Jesus because Jesus died for the whole world, is also not the Gospel. However, the seriousness of preaching such a perverted fake gospel is seen in Gal.1:8-9. Irrespective of the source they come from or the channels they come through, it is counterfeit and the messengers are under God’s curse. They will be judged for adulterating the Good News of God as well as misleading people.

So, if you are a servant of God, remember to stick to God’s Word in your preaching and teaching, lest you come under judgment. Say all what God says and only what God says. Please Him and not people.

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