Faithful Servants

“It will be good for those servants whose master finds them ready, even if he comes in the second or third watch of the night.” (Lk.12:38)

Jesus is referring to His return as the Judge to recompense everyone at the end of time. Watchfulness is a quality required from His servants along with faithfulness.

Availability of the Servant

The servant of God is on duty always. There is no working hours and resting hours, there is no specific time of vocation and time for vacation. There is no incumbency and superannuation. He must be ready at all times, as Paul says, “… in season or out of season”, to do what the Master says. Whether we are being watched or not we ought to be faithfully doing our duty. The Master will make a surprise visit with rewards for such servants. Others will be ashamed to stand before Him on that day.

This is also a warning for the unsaved. Even after much prophetic announcements the people of Israel missed the first advent of the Messiah. There is ample warning (like this one) in the Scripture about His second advent. Will you be ready?

Accountability of the Servant

The servant of God will be held responsible for all that God had entrusted with him. The gift of salvation, the amount of grace and mercy, the spiritual gifts, all that He has bestowed up on him. The lapse in discharging duty will be punishable.

Every Christian is called to be His servant. We see a lot of irresponsible servants around us and we need to warn them of the impending danger. The Lord will return any day. Are you ready to give your account?

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