Being With Jesus

“As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning. Two men, Moses and Elijah, appeared in glorious splendor, talking with Jesus….” (Lk.9:29-30)

Jesus lived before His disciples and taught them through His life and words. He set an example before them in everything He taught and told them to just follow Him. Here Jesus takes His core group of disciples to a mountain top to pray. They could not keep awake while Jesus prayed, let alone catch His vision.

Being with Jesus should make us more like Him

When the trio were awakened from their slumber, they witnessed the glory of their Master. They were so carried away that they wanted to permanently dwell there. Jesus revealed His Father’s glory. Being with Jesus demands our total commitment, body, mind and spirit. Being with Him is for the purpose of being ‘sent out‘ to reveal His glory. Unless we capture at least a glimpse of His glory how can we reveal it.

Moses spent forty days with God on the mount Sinai (Ex.24:15-18). When he came down from the mountain his face was radiant and he did not know it. The people could see it and they knew it was because of his being with God (Ex.34:28-35).

Being with Jesus should prevent us from glorifying people

Moses and Elijah appeared on the mountain alongside Jesus. They were recognized by the disciples of Jesus, and, most importantly, recognized as ‘men’. It was true they were radiating the glory of heaven, but it was as a result of their being with God. They were just reflecting the glory of their Master. They were great people who performed great feats during their ministry. But they were mere men. Peter and his friends wanted to errect tents for them. They equated Jesus with these men for that moment and God from heaven had to drive it again into their dull heads through His vocal declaration that Jesus has no equals. The cloud had to be pulled away before they could see things in the right perspective. Jesus is God while others are mere human.

What a serious reminder for us who venerate humans and degrade the Son of God.

Being with Jesus should stop us from running to other sources for help

As the three were on the mountain top the rest of them were in the valley trying to handle a crisis. They have seen their Master in action driving out the evil spirits. They were sent out very recently on a mission to exercise their delegated authority over sicknesses and demonic forces. After experiencing all these, they still had problem. The father of the demon possessed boy vouches to the fact that they could not drive it out. Jesus rebukes them and drives the demon out.

The disciples were not the source of power. Jesus had delegated them with authority and they were to exercise it in His name. The father went to them thinking they could do the job. They could have done it through the authority of the Lord Jesus, had they realized it.

Approaching other sources in times of crises will only worsen the situation. Go to Jesus and Jesus alone. He is the only one who can help.

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