Cost of Discipleship

“”Follow me,” Jesus said to him, and Levi got up, left everything and followed him.” (Lk.5:27, 28)

Many want to follow Jesus but are not willing to pay the price. The first disciples of Jesus were convinced that Jesus was the Savior whom they had been waiting for. So they were willing to pay the price for following Him.

Reversal of Priorities

Levi was in a lucrative profession that made him rich and politically influential. He was collecting taxes for the foreign government extracting his own countrymen. For the same reason He was considered a traitor, an outcast and sinner by his fellow Jews. When Jesus walked into his office and called Levi to follow Him, it meant for Levi a total reversal of his priorities, setting aside his life’s ambitions and earthly passions to follow Jesus the rest of his life. It was a call to sacrifice his order of priorities and to accept the priorities that Jesus would set for his life.

Even the fishermen, when they were called, left what was precious to them-their boats and nets-to follow the Master (Lk.5:1-11)

Renewal from Inside Out

The call to discipleship is a call for total surrender to the Masters power to transform us. The Master will take us and reshape us for His purpose. A disciple must be willing to go through this process like clay at the hands of the potter. He can not fill the old wine-skins with the new wine.

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