Faith in Action

“When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.”” (Lk.5:20)

Jesus taught the people and healed the sick wherever He went, invited or uninvited. Here He was in a house full of people-a mixed audience of lawyers, religious teachers, well wishers, foes and followers.

Dynamic Faith

The house was packed to every square inch when four people came carrying a paralytic on a stretcher. We don’t know how long they had to carry him but when they came there it looked as if they had wasted all their effort. These men had dynamic faith that moved them to action. They wouldn’t quit so easily. They decided to take a little risk in their mission of bringing people to the Savior.

Visible Faith

They carried the man in the stretcher up to the flat roof, dug a hole in it and lowered the stretcher with the sick man right in front of Jesus. Imagine the situation. The crowd is disturbed as mud from the roof is falling on their heads. The owner of the house would have had a shock as he watched his house being demolished. People expected at least Jesus to react to the situation. But the those on the top gradually dug open the roof enough to let down the stretcher through it.

It is recorded in Luke 5:20 that Jesus saw their faith. Their faith was visible because it was dynamic. Jesus responds to this faith and heals the man, to the amazement of everyone. Jesus was in fact proving to those men that He was absolutely worthy of their faith/trust. The healing was done to establish His authority to forgive sins. This was another pointer to the fact that He was the very God Himself in human form.

Is your faith visible to Jesus?

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